Las Vegas of the East – Atlantic City casinos

Las Vegas of the East – Atlantic City casinos got a head of 30 years and now trying to get out of gambling crises in US. Challenging with online casinos and the last recession against on most AC casinos to gain casino revenue again. Today most of the casinos are going down deeeper and deeeper at a time when competing with Pennsylvania’s booming casino games industry. Solution nowadays is to offer casino players something for free.  Play casino slots for free

Most common promotions are coming in to the mailboxes of gamblers. Whats inside in the box is free casino vouchers for the casino slot machines. Managers are thinking of getting players into casinos and serve the chance of winning thousands after free money play.

Free drinks have always been promotion for casino visitors. Several AC and Vegas casinos are now back in those years and offering free drinks when a casino player is in front of a slot machine playing or sitting on a table game like blackjack or roulette. Becarefull when playing alone cause alcohol could also be offered for free as a casino strategy for players to loose control.

While drinking down free drinks and playing slots for free several gamblers are pleased to come to Atlantic City casinos instead of Casinos Vegas with bonus coupons. All we can advise is to drink and play responsible when you are in a casino. Best casino bonus offers, best payout percentage and playing in the comfort of your apartment is very close open an account in one of the most trusted online casinos we advice for US casino players with large amount of deposit and bonus options and best casinos are waiting for you to try for free money online…

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